Adedoyin, founder of Afrispec

Inspired in Africa  |  Influenced in Europe  |  Crafted in New Zealand  |  Worn around the World.

Raised in West Africa, I established my Afrispec label in 2009 in Johannesburg. I have nurtured the label as I have lived and journeyed through the UAE, Europe and Asia. I continue to look globally for design inspiration and fabrics, crafting my fashion-wear here in my new home, New Zealand, to be worn around the world.

To this day, Afrispec is a fashion house creating fun, classy urban styles that give you a sophisticated workplace look, and present you as on-trend when out and about enjoying life. Our men's and women's ranges deliver style and elegance, comfort and functionality. 


At Afrispec our goal is to create fashion-wear that exceeds being is the trend!

When you buy Afrispec, you buy in to my inspiration - garments that are infusions of colourful, classy, ethnic, urban, retro, sophisticated and edgy. 

I am excited at the prospect of putting you and your friends in to Afrispec fashion-wear. I take pride in personalising my designs and dealing with my clients directly. Dont delay - contact me now!